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Way of life




Thursday all day, Place du 18 octobre (town centre)

Saturday morning, Place de la Liberté

Sunday morning, Place du 18 octobre (town centre)





Local culinary specialities



"Ebly's story starts in a farming cooperative in the middle of France. Following their brilliant intuition, the farmers worked for three years with the national research institute INRA to develop a unique and patented pre-cooking process that preserves wheat's nutrional qualities and low glycemic index. Ebly is guaranted to be free of GMOs, artificial coloring, flavors and preservatives and it is 100% from France. Ebly offers the authentic pleasure of eating natural grains of wheat.

Simple, healthy and easy to prepare, this grain has many nutritional benefits and its complex carbs make it a food recommended by nutritional agencies. For Chefs, Ebly is a perfect and natural alternative to rice & pasta, with great nutrition balance. For professionals (Industry & Foodservice), Ebly is a really versatile fast cook ingredient. Great as starters, main courses, salads, soups & desserts, it offers a mass of opportunities. Ebly is a food solution with fast cooking time and economic with an excellent water absorption (x3)."

Mediaeval cooking at the restaurant

"Aux Trois Pastoureaux"

Prepared by Mr LUCCHESE

Organisation of mediaeval teas or meals for groups

: 02 37 45 74 40


L'atelier de l'Ozanne

The "Fromage Beauceron", created in 1932 by Mr Angier

Cake with almond base and marzipan that can be kept
several weeks and sent by post




Salon de Thé (tea room) open from monday to saturday from 7.30 am to 7pm

8, place du 18 Octobre -  : 02 37 45 13 81


Pâtisserie GAUDIN, founded in 1966

Chocolates: Petit Beauceron, Pierre du Château, Pomme de Terre


The "Dunois", created in 1966, meringue macaroon, vanilla cream,
sliche of brioche flavoured with kirsch

The "Pavé Dunois", biscuit with chopped almonds and dried fruits,
  coated with marzipan

6, rue Jean Moulin - :  02 37 45 20 94


Cave des Fouleries, professionals 

Founded in 1890, it has over 650 references including a selection of wines to choose from, from the Loir and the Loire, in 350 square metres of natural caves at 11°C.

Possibilities of commented wine tasting for small groups (10 to 15 people)

17, rue des Fouleries - 28200 Châteaudun 

: 02 37 45 00 36 - Fax : 02 37 45 36 29

Cave des Fouleries



La Croisée des Saveurs, delicatessen

Chocolate, tea, coffea, spices, wine, "paniers garnis", local products.

76 rue de la République - 28200 Châteaudun

: 02 37 98 92 77 -

LEMON Création