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Le Val de Conie


 Châteaudun is located on various tourist itineraries: the Loire châteaux, the picturesque Loir Valley, the Wheat Road. More locally, it is the starting point for walks that we invite you to follow.

A tributary of the Loir on its left bank, the Conie is a river of natural and wild appearance. This very diversified stretch of water offers a wide area of marshland covered with reeds, known locally as "la rouche".

MARBOUE : Village on the banks of the Loir (swimming pool/beach in summer), rambling routes.

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SAINT-CHRISTOPHE :  Lush green banks of the Loir, walks.

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Listed site Marshes in the hamlet of DHEURY, commune of Donnemain Saint-Mamès: observatory, wash-house with reed roof.
In the commune of Donnemain, it is possible to see areas that have become rare in Eure-and-Loir: reed-beds. Reeds were gathered in these damp areas, as shown by the roofs of houses in the hamlet of Dheury. They contain a high level of biodiversity, such as the marsh fern or rare birds such as the Marsh Harrier.

MOLEANS :  Private château and forest walks
Water-mill at Vucennes sur la Conie.

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VUCENNES / CONIE-MOLITARD : thatched cottages.

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NOTTONVILLE : Abbey of Bois de Nottonville
Vivit : . : 02 37 96 91 64
From Nottonville, continue towards Orgères en Beauce
Visit to Maison de la Beauce 
: 02 37 99 75 58 and Loigny-la-Bataille, scene of a bloody battle in October 1870
Visit the Museum -  : 02 37 99 74 96

VARIZE :   Historical village site of the battles of 15 October 1870, burned by the Prussians. Church with 12th century frescos.


CIVRY :  Site with a wealth of stone age remains and megalithic monuments. Village completely destroyed, except for the church, during the fighting in 1870.

LUTZ-EN-DUNOIS : Church and frescos, wreathed cross at the side of the road.
The church Saint-Pierre of Romanesque origin, dating from the 12th century. It is surrounded by a piece of land that corresponds to its old graveyard. The tower dates back to the 12th century and the spire to the 16th century. Its wooden porch dates back to the 16th century. Presence of superb frescos, wall paintings from the 13th century, rediscovered under a coat of whitewash. Owned by the commune since the 16th century, listed as Historical Monument in 1944.

OZOIR-LE-BREUIL : The Mill at Frouville-Pensier
Entered on the Inventory of National Monuments, this is the only mill-tower still in working order, in the Beauce of writer Emile Zola, who came here on 8 May 1886 to write his book "La Terre". It has kept its canvas sails, its stone millstones and its sieving system. High quality flour is sold on site.
It has been awarded several major national prizes, including the bronze medal for Tourism.
Open from Easter until 30 September on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 14h30 to 18h30 (all year round for groups on request).
: 02 37 98 70 31

THIVILLE : Church of Notre-Dame, end 15th century.

LANNERAY : Private château of the Touche Hersant
Visit on request -  : 02 37 96 10 04.

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