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This walk is dedicated to the events of the Franco-Prussian War that marked the town.

Seven years laters 1870, a decree entitled the town to add the Legion of Honour on its coat of arms in recognition of its bravery.

Five illsutrated markers relate the inhabitants' heroic defence againts the Prussians on 18 October, on the square in the centre of the town.

Around the foutain, the trail begins : Download it




 N°1 - Barricades and defence of the town

Before arriving in Châteaudun, groups of highly mobile Uhlans blockaded Paris. Then, the army crossed the department of Eure-et-Loir in every direction and arrived in Châteaudun on october.

Under the command of the General Ernest Lipowski, the residents put up barricades in the streets. They are 1.200 snipers, sedentary national guardsmen and firemen defended the town.


N°2 / 3 / 4  - The arrival of Prussian army in the town centre and the battle

2 - At about 6 pm, the fighting begins. The Prussians arrived to enter in town and mainly the in the town centre where a terrible night battle ensued.

3 - The defenders pushed the enemy back in the" rue de Chartres" (rue Jean Moulin actually direction Chartres) and "Rue d'Orléans" (rue de la République actually) three times.

The painter Philippoteaux immortalised the fighting (the original is in the town hall mayor's office).

Despite of a courageaous defence, the Prussians set the town on fire, pillaging, raping and driving out the inhabitants.


 N°5 - A  Defence Monument sculpted by Antonin Mercié is build on the "Mall Square"

  The town is represented by a woman.

  Seriously wounded as the national guardian behind her, she collapses on a sniper from Paris shooting his last cartridges.





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